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Mr. Savethewall

Pierpaolo Perretta, aka Mr. Savethewallis an Italian artist originally from Como. Mr. Savethewall was not born as an artist right away. In fact, he began his career in a world very different from the artistic one, in which he also became an important manager. As time passes, however, he begins to feel the need to change, to finally put his great creativity and talent to good use.

Moved by his great passion for art and, in particular, for street art, he therefore decides to dedicate himself full time to this new activity. In 2013, in fact, he abandoned a secure and well-paid job to express his vision of the world and society through art.

Mr. Savethewall immediately proves himself to be a street artist different from the usual. In fact, he declares himself against the dirtying of walls and, for this reason, he decides not to create his murals directly on the walls, but to use an easily adhesive tape removable. He also uses recyclable materials and with low environmental impact, such as cardboard. Hence his stage name which, literally, means Mr. Save the Wall, fully declaring his desire to protect urban decorum.

In a short time Mr. Savethewall proved to be an artist of great caliber and, above all, multifaceted. It is no coincidence, in fact, that he is gaining more and more foothold in the artistic scene, taking on an increasingly important position in the art market. In his works Mr. Savethewall makes use of languages coming from street art and communication, as well as from the latest trends in contemporary art, recalling in his works famous artists to whom he looks with admiration: first of all, Banksy and Damien Hirst.

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