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A new vision between physical and digital which for the first time connects Web3, Digital Art, the Metaverse now associated with Physical Works of Art, limited editions together with services for the management and valorization of art collections.

In a moment of great evolution and change where digital surpasses the limits of physicality, the time has come for the DEODATO GROUP to accompany its ARTISTS and COLLECTORS into web3 where the future is increasingly decentralized and shared with the community.

Between Art, Technology and Innovation in its research mandate explores new ways of enjoying, valorising and collecting in favor of digital and traditional art.


Digital Art is a work or artistic practice that uses digital technology, hardware and software, as a creative part of the creation, exhibition and enjoyment process.

A work of Digital Art can be collected and exhibited when the artist decides to experiment with highly innovative solutions such as NFTs as new mediums to convey his art also thanks to the technologies we use every day, such as smartphones, TV, tablets and digital wall.

The term Phygital indicates the union between physical and digital and describes the intersection between these two seemingly distant areas that now intersect thanks to technology. Phygital Art represents traditional works of art with monitors for the continuous enjoyment of NFT digital works. Phygital Art offers artists new opportunities for artistic expression, without any limits, while guaranteeing collectors the pleasure of being able to enjoy their NFT digital works of art in any context.

NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens – represent a type of Blockchain-based cryptographic token that symbolizes a unique asset, digital or physical.

What distinguishes NFTs is their non-fungibility, i.e. their impossibility of being exchanged with each other thanks to the presence of a unique and irreproducible alphanumeric code.

When talking about fungible goods, two identical items are considered identical and can be duplicated and exchanged without losing their value or authenticity.

A digital work in NFT, thanks to the Blockchain network, is digitally signed by the artist who created it, which makes it different from other apparently identical ones in circulation, just as an authentic and signed painting is different from a copy of it. 

NFTs allow you to demonstrate and certify the authenticity and therefore the intellectual property of the work of art as, regardless of the transfer of ownership from one collector to another, its attribution will always be attributable to the author of the work itself . is the first platform to collect Phygital Art and NFTs, the artworks of the future. Thanks to digital innovation, there are no longer any limits to the creativity of contemporary artists who find a link between physical and digital. becomes the first digital art gallery for NFTs usable on up to five exclusive phygital media to make art accessible to its collectors supports collectors by offering guarantee and security on every purchase, it supports them in managing their digital art collection even for those who are approaching purchasing for the first time and do not have technological skills.

NFT certification has security protocols based on blockchain network. adds additional layers of security compared to other platforms. is unique because:

– It protects you from technological obsolescence, if blockchain technology changes you will always be able to use your work through;

– You can transfer NFT works to your wallet (for example Metamask) or have them stored by If you transfer them to your Wallet and lose your passwords, you will be protected (provided you report their loss and have not already sold them);

– If the works you choose have the “PHI” stamp after a period of time, typically one year, you can replace them with physical works of equal value;

– Online and offline support: we are real people and you can contact us for any doubts, the staff is at your disposal

Immediately after your purchase you will receive a complete guide via email to receive your NFT digital artwork. You can choose whether to store your NFT inside the Vault or inside the Wallet, your “digital wallet for NFTs”. 

You will be able to receive the works on your Wallet, transferring the NFT work independently or guided by our staff remotely. If you want to manage your NFTs independently, you can request their transfer directly to your personal Wallet, we will ask you for a small fee (€25) for the out-of-pocket costs of the NFT transfer transaction.

Not feeling confident with Wallets? Don’t worry, your NFT works are always kept on You can choose to associate them with up to 5 phygital media and see them whenever you want and wherever you prefer.’s NFT digital works of art, once the NFT has been transferred to your wallet, can be exchanged and resold via platforms such as OpenSea, Looksrare, Blur or Rarible. In case you need it, for resale you can ask for support via the Contact Form

To protect its users, OpenSea moves a transferred NFT to the “Hidden” tab if it believes it may be suspicious, similar to what happens with emails that end up in spam. In this case, the NFT will not be in your “Collected” tab and the transfer will not appear in your activity feed. You can easily filter out hidden items by selecting the “Hidden” filter automatically in the “Hidden Status” section. If you would like to view an item, in your OpenSea profile go to “More → Hidden,” click the “+” at the top of the NFT you want to view, and select “Unhide.”

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