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Marco Lodola

Marco Lodola  was born in Dorno, in the province of Pavia, on 4 April 1955. He immediately dedicated himself to art, deciding to undertake studies focused on this subject. In fact, Marco Lodola studied first at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and then at that of Milan.

Marco Lodola began to take his first steps in the artistic scene in the 1960s when he proposed works featuring characters from the world of music. Of particular inspiration in these early times are Pop artists like Tom Wesselman and David Hockney.

Starting from the eightiesMarco Lodola joined the movement called New Futurism. From this moment on, the figure of Lodola artist begins to establish itself on the Italian and international scene. In the following years, Marco Lodola will be engaged in a luxuriant artistic production that will lead him to be one of the major contemporary Italian artists. It is no coincidence that Lodola Marco takes part in multiple exhibitions held in every part of the world such as Italy, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

During his long artistic career, Marco Lodola collaborates both with important musicians, such as Max Pezzali and Jovanotti, and with the world of cinema and television, creating sets.

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