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Felipe Cardena

Felipe Cardeña, born in 1979, is a street artist known for his mysterious style, often compared to Banksy. His identity is shrouded in secrecy, but his works, characterized by the use of pop culture elements and bright florals, are recognizable. He has lived in various European cities, participating in exhibitions all over the world both officially and “clandestinely”. In 2007, he launched the Power Flower project, featuring ever-changing collages that incorporate elements from popular culture.

His art is nonconformist and celebrates joyful and positive aesthetics, with the flower as a symbol of beauty and harmony. Cardeña uses the collage technique, mixing mythological figures, oriental deities and contemporary icons, surrounded by floral decoration. His eclectic style creates a fantasy world that oscillates between reality and imagination.

Through his works, Cardeña silently protests against the contemporary art system, criticizes consumerist society and addresses issues such as climate change. His creations invite reflection on the chaos of contemporary life, using familiar icons surrounded by flowers as a metaphor for images shared and viewed in the digital age.

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