Artist: Mr. Savethewall Width: 70 cm
Support: Mixed Height: 50 cm


Mr. Savethewall’s work, Wallsaved – Kiss Me Composition measures 50×70 cm and is made of mixed materials.

The artist is inspired by the fairy tale of the princess and the frog: the frog waits to be kissed so he can be transformed into a handsome prince, and then live happily ever after together. But the story that Mr. Savethewall wants to tell us is different: with this work the artist presents us with a frog that already has anthropomorphic features, wears the typical clothes of a career man, and with his big red eyes seems to approach the viewer (or his princess) in complete confidence.

Thus, as in each of his works, he does not fail to send a provocative and direct message: in the beginning, all women are in love with their prince charming, but the more time passes, this perfect image fades away and one begins to see one’s beloved as he was from the beginning.

Wallsaved – Kiss Me Composition is part of the Phygital Wallsaved project for NFTs on phygi.io and is a unique work.


This work by Mr. Savethewall is part of the new and exclusive Mixed Phygital project. A design monitor created by the architects exclusively for Deodato.io is placed inside the work.

Inside the monitor you will be able to enjoy NFTs purchased on the new Deodato.io platform. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to purchase the NFT you can still have the physical work and on the monitor you can see a static image created by the artist himself!

Pierpaolo Perretta, also known as Mr. Savethewall, is an Italian artist hailing from Como. Mr. Savethewall didn’t start off as an artist initially. He began his career in a vastly different world, where he also became a significant manager. However, over time, he felt the need for a change, to finally harness his great creativity and talent.

Driven by his deep passion for art and, specifically, street art, he decided to fully dedicate himself to this new venture. In 2013, he left a secure and well-paying job to express his worldview and societal perspectives through art.

Mr. Savethewall immediately proved to be a unique street artist. He declared himself against wall defacement and, for this reason, chose not to create his murals directly on walls but to use easily removable adhesive tape. He also utilized recyclable materials with low environmental impact, such as cardboard. Hence, his stage name, which literally means Mr. Save the Wall, declaring his intention to protect urban decorum.

In a short time, Mr. Savethewall demonstrated himself as an artist of great caliber and, above all, versatile. It is no coincidence that he is gaining more prominence in the art scene, taking an increasingly significant position in the art market. In his works, Mr. Savethewall incorporates languages from street art and communication, as well as the latest trends in contemporary art, paying homage to renowned artists he admires, notably Banksy and Damien Hirst.

Mr. Savethewall’s works clearly convey an interpretation of contemporary society with irony and criticism. His pieces feature strong, direct, and targeted messages. The artist’s objective is not only to communicate his personal vision of society but also to convey clear and provocative messages that prompt the viewer to reflect personally on the world around them and its contradictions. This is achieved by using images of famous and immediately recognizable subjects alongside text. In doing so, he not only makes the message easier to grasp but also leaves little room for potential misinterpretations.

Mr. Savethewall – Wallsaved – Kiss Me Composition – 100×150 cm – Mixed Technique – Unique Work – Hand-signed – 2023

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