Artist: Daniele Fortuna Medium: Mp4, Digital Art
Edition: 32

Daniele Fortuna – Reborn

It represents the process of artistic destruction-reconstruction, aimed at creating a work that is ever closer to beauty. To give life to something beautiful, it is necessary to continuously destroy and build, even if it is a process that brings with it suffering. The contemporary vision of the construction-destruction cycle is reinterpreted here, showing one of the many facets of beauty as the arrival of a perpetual process.

Daniele Fortuna artist born in Milan in 1981, since his early teens thanks to his passion for art he frequents artists’ studios and some of the most important art galleries in the city. He completed his studies at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan, cultivating an interest in design in parallel with art.

He then moved for study and work to Ireland, in the south-east, near Dublin. There he worked in a lighting studio, and thus
his interest in wood, the material that would become the foundation of his sculptures, was born. Thanks to the technique of carving, wood could be composed in different shapes and patterns, allowing the artist to give plastic form to his ideas. After completing his studies in Ireland, he returned to Italy and began to create his first works. His art began to take shape and his first works in wood were born, panels formed from shaped wooden pieces, coloured and then assembled like parts of a jigsaw puzzle.

. He later moved on to three-dimensional compositions, at first animal subjects and then to Icons of Greco-Roman classicism combined with more Pop colours and contemporary features.

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